Do not come to the bankers: Court redefines the boundaries of the freedom of expression

Bank Hapoalim's CEO turned to the magistrate court demanding injunction against the Attorney Barak Cohen, and requested the court to forbid Mr. Cohen from troubling him.

The court banned the Attorney Barak Cohen from not only to physically harass Bank Hapoalim's CEO Zion Kenan, but also the court ruled that Mr. Cohen has to avoid harassing Bank Hapoalim's CEO on the Internet or on the social networks.

Asaf Biger, a partner in the firm's Litigation department, refers in "Calcalist" to the general injunction issued by the Magistrate Efrat Bosnia and argued that; "an order preventing harassment is legitimate, but there is no room to expand the order to online advertising and restrict expression as long as the things expressed aren’t threats - no matter how difficult they can be. The way to deal with this kind of advertising or expressions in the internet and in social media is by a Defamation suit.

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