The Israeli high tech industry's best kept secret

Many venture capital funds in the world , including in Israel, have failed to generate returns for their investors. The success of a venture capital fund is based on a small number of successful investments at high-risk, so they have to make phenomenal returns in order to make up for failures - and as it turns out; this model doesn't really work.

Yonatan Altman, Chairman of the firm and head of the high-tech and venture capital department, was interviewed about the subject in "The Marker" article, and says he expects a positive change in the field:
"Today we are seeing funds raising capital for the first time, that are built by people who came from the high-tech industry. The investment teams are combinations that include successful entrepreneurs, successful managers and people who have played significant roles in international companies.  These combinations are better, and I tend to think that the results will be better since the industry has mature".

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