The Supreme Court: Examine the applicability of the Spam Law to Facebook posts

Does Spam law apply to a Facebook message? Is receiving a friendship offer from a Facebook member an "explicit consent" to receive promotional mail from them?

In a new ruling by the Supreme Court, the court sends a message to  the small claims courts dealing with "spam" claims that when a case is brought to their attention, the application of the Spam Law should be carefully examined for messages sent on social networks and in some cases, should be enforced on messages between "friends" on the social network.

Adv.  Efraim Ofek-Aharon, an expert on litigation and civil law at our firm, explains in an article in Globes that "The ruling does not unequivocally state that messages sent on social networks will be spam. However, he makes it clear to the courts - and especially the small claims courts that deal with most of the spam law claims - that messages sent on social networks can be spam ". 

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