India's Practice

India - A Soaring Economy 

The Indian economy is among the largest and most promising in the world, showing continuous outstanding growth rates. 

The prominence of the Indian economy is the result of a number of unique factors including: growth of a middle class of over three hundred million people, a young population, an increase in private consumption, growth in employment rates , an effective legal system, encouragement of the private sector and extensive scientific foundation.

As India’s global economic advantages surface, Indian companies, which a decade ago focused on providing outsourcing services to foreign companies, are developing into companies with independent  R&D and integration operations. Today these companies both purchase and enhance technologies as well as develop their own products.  They have also become significant players in the global mergers and acquisitions market including Israel.

The Indian-Israel Opportunity

India’s unique position as one of the fastest growing markets in the world creates exciting investment opportunities and a sound basis for fruitful cooperation for Israeli and Indian companies. 

Indian companies show a growing interest in acquiring the latest technologies in the areas of Security, HLS, Cleantech, Water, Agriculture, Medical Devices and IT. Israeli companies, being at the cutting edge of these fields, are a unique source for these technologies. 

In parallel, Israel's technological advancements and knowledge base has placed Israeli companies in the perfect position to take advantage of the vast opportunities the Indian market has to offer. 

The Challenge

While the opportunities are clear, experience has shown that despite common language and a similar legal system, there is a gap in the business culture and practices between the countries. A gap which may affect the business process.  

The Solution: APM & Co. - Supporting India-Israel Collaboration

At APM & Co. we provide clients with the tools necessary to achieve optimal legal and commercial results. Leveraging our unparalleled experience, we offer comprehensive services focused on and tailored to the particular needs of Israel-India commerce. 

Our Indian Practice is headed by partner Adv. Benjamin Grossman. Mr. Grossman has extensive experience managing and leading commercial activities in India.  He has conducted numerous large and complex transactions, including the establishment of joint ventures and various funds, knowledge transfers, industrial and technological cooperative ventures, procurement and offset transactions and tender processes. 

Drawing on his expertise and in-depth knowledge of Indian law and the commercial and legal arena in India, Mr. Grossman offers our Indian, Israeli and International clients unique insights that allow them to achieve optimal results and effectively reach their business potential through cross boarder activities.