Arbitration & Mediation Center

"The advantage of the processes of mediation and arbitration is principally in the ability of the sides to quickly get back to their perspective businesses while maintaining a working relationship, without the dispute creating ongoing hostility between them."
Adv. Aharon Pollak


Based on the belief that mediation and arbitration proceedings should be seriously considered before opting for legal proceedings, APM &Co. established the Arbitration and Mediation Center, a place of unique and innovative thought, founded by senior partner and co-founder of the firm, Adv. Aharon Pollak.

With an understanding of the great burden imposed on Israeli courts, Adv. Pollak and the firm established the center with the aim of providing expedited results and bringing about a change in the approach to the process used today: by strengthening the use of arbitration and mediation as a tool for dispute resolution.      

The Arbitration Process

The clear advantage of the Arbitration and Mediation Center is an arbitration proceeding with a clearly defined timeline, efficient process and fast resolution.

In order to make this possible, Adv. Pollak, serving as arbitrator, diligently studies the full depth of every circumstance, even before the first meeting. This allows him to conduct the case effectively and efficiently. At the first meeting, Adv. Pollak decides, with the consent of all parties, the order of evidence produced in the case and when each party will be heard. At this meeting he also sets a date for the arbitral decision, making the process known in advance and easier for all to comply with.

The Mediation Process

A successful mediation process will save all parties the grievance caused by a dispute drawn out through the courts. This alternative attempts to resolve the dispute for the sake of all participants in a short, defined process that allows the sides to get on with their lives and businesses with as little interruption as possible.

During the mediation process the mediator will find common ground between the parties, while identifying the true interests of the litigants, who at times consist of several parties with varying interests on the same side. It is the role of the mediator to weave his way through the facts, emotions and motives of the original disagreement and arrive at a resolution that all sides can support.

About Adv. Aharon Pollak

Adv. Pollak brings to the Center his rich experience as an arbitrator and mediator. His extensive knowledge, accumulated over 50 years as a litigator and commercial attorney, in addition to vast local and global commercial, cultural, social and financial experience, equips him with the tools required to facilitate the various processes and to reach quick, correct, and just resolutions.

About the Arbitration and Mediation center

As part of the “one-stop shop” policy that characterizes APM & Co., the Arbitration and Mediation Center has at its disposal the guidance and assistance of all of the professional departments of the firm. Together with the high-quality legal consultation provided by the firm's attorneys, Adv. Pollak is able to identify creative solutions for the various arbitration and mediation cases.

Always on top of social, economic, business and political trends, the Center has developed an expertise in mediation and arbitration of gentrification and NOP 38 related disputes.

The Center's substantial role in shaping Israel’s arbitration proceedings was apparent in the proposal to change current legislation in this area. Nowdays, there is no adequate mechanism for correcting arbitration errors and appealing an arbitral decision. The Center's position is that by enabling appeals on arbitral decisions the arbitration process becomes more accessible to a broader public, helping reduce the burden on the Israeli courts and improving the manner in which the Israeli business culture conducts itself and settles its disputes.